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November 2008

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Selection Details Result Profit Details

Barclays Premier League


Manchester United (at home to Stoke) Kick off 15.00 UK time Saturday 15th November


Best Price: 1 / 7 (1.14 Euro Odds) @ Bet365


Recommended Bet: 200 points on Man Utd to Win.

5-0 29 points

Barclays Premier League


Chelsea (away to West Brom) Kick off 17.30 UK time Saturday 15th November


Best Price: 3 / 10 (1.3 Euro Odd) @ Bet365


Recommended Bet: 150 points on Chelsea to Win.

3-0 45 points

Spain Primera Liga


Barcelona (at home to Valladolid) Kick off 21.00 UK time Saturday 8th November


Best Price: 1 / 5 (1.2 Euro Odds) @ Betfair


Recommended Bet: 200 points on Barca to Win.

6-0 40 points

Barclays Premier League


Chelsea (away to Blackburn) Kick off 13.30 UK time Sunday 9th November


Best Price: 1 / 2 @ (1.5 Euro Odds) @ Ladbrokes


Recommended Bet: 150 points on Chelsea to win.

2-0 75 points

Barclays Premier League


Manchester United (at home to hull) Kick off 15.00 UK time Saturday 1st November


Best Price: 1 / 5 (1.2 Euro Odds) @ Ladbrokes


Recommended Bet: 200 points on Man Utd to Win.

4-3 40 points

Chelsea (at home to Sunderland) Kick off 15.00 UK time Saturday 1st November


Best Price: 2 / 9 (1.22 Euro Odds) @ Ladbrokes


Recommended Bet: 200 points on Chelsea to Win.

5-0 44 points





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October 2008
September 2008
Home Page

From: Daniel Soulsby
Re: Football Betting Tipsters

I finally figured out how 'they' do it...

How 'they' manage to win week after week. How 'they' consistently put more cash into their pockets than you can possibly imagine, while going unnoticed and untouched. 'They' have profited for long enough... now it's YOUR turn...

Who are 'they'? And how can I help you win like them?

'They' are the Professional Gamblers. And I used to work for the bookies they profited from.

The information revealed on this page is extremely sensitive...

... If you're not interested in a football betting system
that works then you should NOT
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I'm serious. This is ONLY meant for people who really do want to profit from football betting. There is nothing illegal, unethical, or immoral about this... but let's just say 'they' wouldn't like me sharing this information.

In a moment, I am going to tell you how you can get the exact bets (sent direct to your inbox) you need to make to profit like the pro's... and make no mistake -- we've won 22 of the last 23 bets... my system really does pick 'dead cert' winners.

Further down this page you can read some of the stories I get from hundreds of football fans who are cleaning up every single week simply by placing my recommended bets.

First let me tell you the real story of how I came across...

The Amazing Betting System
Used By The World's Most Secretive
Professional Gamblers...

For years I thought you couldn't beat the bookies.

After all, they have systems in place... they set the odds... they're not about to let the 'little guy' take them for a ride.

Hell, I was proof. I'd sure given them enough of my hard earned money!

But in the back of my mind I always knew there was a way -- I'd heard the stories of pro gamblers winning for months on end -- and over the years I bought all the gambling books and tried all the betting 'systems' out there. My friends always laughed whenever I told them about the latest idea.

They told me I was a dreamer... "you can't beat the system", they'd say. In fact, one guy flat out told me I was an idiot for buying into any of these 'schemes'.

Oh yeah? Well, I didn't care...

I still had hope, I even started working for a huge, internationally renowned bookmaker to see if I could get some inside info. But I still couldn't figure out how to beat the system.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon
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Their job was to investigate people that win.

Not once. Not twice. Not even three times...

They were looking at guys that win all the time -- the professional gamblers.

And they were paid a lot of money... mostly to keep quiet.

The funny thing is... except for a few obvious crooks (usually part of underground crime syndicates fixing games and paying off referee's)... they weren't stopping any of the real professional gamblers.

In fact, they couldn't stop them.

Everything these guys were doing was completely legal!

I'd hit the jackpot! All I needed to do was find out what these guys were doing, and copy their system.

It took me a few weeks, but finally I got an 'in' at the department.

And there it was, staring me in the face...

The Secret System Pro Gamblers Use
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You'll Ask Yourself,
"How Can Something So Simple,
Be So Effective"...

Instantly I could see how the professional gamblers had gotten away with it for so long. The answer had been staring me in the face the whole time! It was so simple... yet... it worked almost like magic.

I carefully studied everything they were doing. I cross-referenced it with my insiders knowledge of the bookmakers. I was looking for any possible pitfall.

If there was any way this system could fail, I wanted to know about it.

But the system was water tight.

Still... it seemed too good to be true. I thought there must be a weak link somewhere... something I was missing.

So I started betting, just on paper at first -- testing the system under real world conditions.

And guess what?

Week after week I kept winning...

I quickly switched from paper betting to the real thing. I put the system to the ultimate test... my own money was now on the line.

Honestly, I was a little nervous. Had I just been lucky so far? Would the system actually work with real money on the line? Was it really that simple? I tentatively placed my first small bets...

The system worked like clockwork.

£10's quickly turned into £100's.

£100's soon turned into £1000's.

I used that money to place bigger bets which brought in even more money.

And I used that to place even bigger bets which brought in even more money...

And soon after...
I finally quit my job!

Can you imagine what it's like to pay off all your debts -- not owe anything to anyone -- buy all the things you've always wanted -- even quit your job and "work" from home... simply by watching the game you love and making a few "sure thing" bets?

You are truly free for the first time.

Up until now I'd kept quiet.

No one knew what I'd been doing. But that didn't last long.

When you quit your job and start spending money on new computers and big screen TV's... let's just say your friends start asking questions. They wanted in.

I didn't know what to do. I'd never taught the system before... most of it was in my head. I wasn't even sure if I wanted this information out there. But they were persistent. Finally one of them said...

?Dan, I've seen how much money you've been spending,
I know you must be making a LOT more... that kind of money
would make a huge difference to me.
How do you do it??

... and I knew I had to share my secrets.

I locked myself in a room for a day with all my notes about how to beat the bookies -- everything I'd seen the pro gamblers doing... everything I'd learned working for the bookmaker... and everything I'd perfected during my own tests.

I knew I'd have to make the system super simple so my friends could profit right away.

Finally I got the system down to just a few pages.

Step-by-step instructions on who to bet on and why.

And for the last 2 years we've been
quietly pulling in thousands of pounds --
literally robbing the bookies blind...

I'm still shocked at how easy it is.

Each week the system tells me exactly who to bet on. I place my bets at home on my computer... and then money appears in my betting account while I'm down the pub with my mates!

It even tells me if I shouldn't bet at all (ever notice how some weeks are full of shockers and everyone seems to lose?) -- The system spots these ahead of time and tells you not to bet.

Week by week the cash keeps coming in and my bankroll keeps getting bigger and bigger -- almost on autopilot!

Anyway, as my bank balance continued to grow I started selling my system to the public. Just a handful of people at first, but as word spread soon there were hundreds of people profiting from my system -- everyone from football fanatics to keen punters, even pro gamblers.

In fact I just got an email from Charlie Sword from Merseyside in the UK with an update on his results:

"I Started With £50 And 4 Months On I'm Up To £2500,
I Just Got An LCD TV!"


And Jonathan Jenkinson from Hull is now up to £3500...

"Hi Dan,
Keep up the good work, by the way do you remeber me writting to you stating I had had over £1000 in a moth using your system?... Well thats over £3500, nice and steady progress, thanks mate!"

Jonathan Jenkinson, Hull

I literally have hundreds of emails, testimonials and success stories just like these from members who have profited from my system.

How would you like to be my next success story?

Listen, up until now only a few hundred people have had the opportunity to profit from my system. But all that is about to change...

How Would YOU Like Me To Hand You
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Just imagine being handed the combination to a safe... a safe full of unlimited money... a safe you can 'crack' anytime you like.

Each week you are handed a new secret combination. A combination few others will ever have access to. A combination that allows you to withdraw as much money as you like, always knowing it will be full up again next week.

You start using this combination and suddenly you are getting...

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Imagine the faces of your friends and family as you keep winning, betting on winning team after winning team, skillfully placing the right bets week after week. Even masterfully holding off and not betting while everyone else loses again.

And imagine spending ZERO time on:

  • Grudgingly documenting and charting all the results each week.
  • Scouring the paper for this week's games.
  • Meticulously writing down the odds for each game.
  • Painstakingly applying the betting system to your data.
  • Carefully analyzing the data to see who to bet on.

You don't have to waste time with things like this any more!

Join Football Betting Tipsters Today
And I Will Tell You The EXACT Bets
My PROVEN System Has Picked

All You Do Is Place Your Bets
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Make no mistake -- hundreds of football fans are using this system right now to collect tax free money every week.

'Thank you for the excellent selections last weekend, those winners just keep coming!!'

Martin Jones, Dorset, UK

'I started with £50 and four months on I'm up to £2500, I just got a 42" LCD telly to watch the football on!'

Charlie Sword, Merseyside, UK

We've been profitable ever since we started and make out like bandits on all the major cup games.

In fact, our track record this year has been outstanding.

Below are the details of the actual games our members bet on from January to June 2008.

As you can see we had a...

79% Win Rate!

UPDATE: 96% Win Rate -- We've Won
22 Out Of The Last 23 Games!

IMPORTANT: This data is taken directly from our past recommendations. It is 100% true and verifiable. We are required by law to ensure the data is accurate.

Game Selection Details Result Profit Details
Euro 2008 - Spain (against russia) 200 points on Spain to win 4-1 145 points - WINNER
Euro 2008 - Portugal (against turkey) 200 points on Portugal to win 2-0 145 points - WINNER

Game Selection Details Result Profit Details
Italy Serie A - Roma (away to catania) 100 points on Roma to Win 1-1 -100 points
Bordeaux (away to lens) 80 points on Bordeaux to Win 2-2 -80 points
France Le Championnat - Lyon (away to auxerre) 100 points on Lyon to Win 3-1 57 points- WINNER
Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (at home to siena) 200 points on Inter to win 2-2 -200 points
Barclays Premier League - Blackburn (at home to derby) 150 points on Blackburn to win 3-1 38 points- WINNER
Barclays Premier League - Aston Villa (at home to wigan) 100 points on Aston Villa to win 0-2 -100 points

Game Selection Details Result Profit Details
Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (at home to cagliari) 150 points on Inter Milan to win 2-1 50 points - WINNER
Scotland Premier League - Celtic (at home to aberdeen) 150 points on Celtic to Win 1-0 43 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Roma (at home to livorno) 150 points on Roma to Win 1-1 -150 points
Barclays Premier League - Everton (at home to derby) 200 points on Everton to win 1-0 50 points - WINNER

Barcley's Premier League - Man Utd (at home to aston villa) 200 points on Man Utd to win 4-0 63 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Roma (at home to empoli) 200 Points on Roma to Win 2-1 57 points - WINNER
Barcley's Premier League - Man Utd (at home to bolton) 200 points on Man Utd to win 2-1 33 points - WINNER
Liverpool (at home to reading) 200 points on Liverpool to Win 2-1 57 points - WINNER
Man Utd (away to derby) 200 points on Manchester Utd to Win 1-0 33 points - WINNER
Barclays Premier League - Chelsea (at home to derby) 200 points on Chelsea to win 6-1 25 points - WINNER
Barclays Premier League - Liverpool (at home to newcastle) 250 points on Liverpool to Win 3-0 100 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (at home to reggina) 250 points on Inter Milan to Win 2-0 75 points - WINNER
Everton (at home to portsmouth) 100 points on Everton to win 3-1 83 points - WINNER
Arsenal (at home to aston villa) 100 points on Arsenal to win 1-1 -100 points

Game Selection Details Result Profit Details
Spain Primera Liga - Barcelona (at home to Levante) 250 points on Barcelona to win 5-0 36 points - WINNER
Spain Primera Liga - Almeria (at home to Murcia) 100 points on Almeria to win 1-0 91 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (at home to livorno) 250 points on Inter to win 2-0 75 points - WINNER
Spain Primera Liga - Real Madrid (at home to valladolid) 250 points on Real Madrid to win 7-0 86 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Roma (at home to reggina) 250 points on Roma to win 2-0 55 points - WINNER
Juventus (at home to cagliari) 250 points on Inter Juventus to Win 1-1 -250 points


Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (at home to empoli) 250 points on Inter Milan to Win 1-0 50 points - WINNER
Barclays Premier League - Manchester Utd (away to tottenham) 100 points on Man Utd to Win 1-1 -100 points

Game Selection Details Result Profit Details
Barclays Premier League - Arsenal (at home to newcastle) 200 Points on Arsenal to win 3-0 67 points - WINNER
Chelsea (at home to reading) 200 Points on Chelsea to win 1-0 50 points - WINNER
African Nations Cup - Egypt (at home to sudan) 250 points on Egypt to win 3-0 59 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Roma (at home to Catania) 250 points on Roma to Win 2-0 71.5 points - WINNER
Spain Primera Liga - Barcelona (at home to Racing Santander) 250 points on Barcelona to Win 1-0 71.5 points - WINNER
Italy Serie A - Inter Milan (away to siena) 200 points on Inter to Win 3-2 89 points - WINNER
Barclays Premier League - Manchester Utd (at home to newcastle) 250 points on Manchester Utd to Win 6-0 63 points - WINNER
Real Madrid (at home to real zaragoza) 250 points on Real Madrid to win 2-0 83 points - WINNER

So from January to June, that's 38 bets, 8 losers, 30 winners... for a net profit of 940 points.

Even a modest starting bank could have seen you with £940 in your pocket.

The More You Bet The More
You Would Have Won!

Imagine how it would feel to have an extra £940 sitting in your bank account right now. What if you'd staked a little more... that number could easily be £1,000... £2,300... £3,500 or more!

Now think about this... if you had followed my system this year you could already have the money in your hands!

And remember we're betting on 'dead certs' -- teams the system identifies as virtually guaranteed to win.

In fact, most of our bets are complete "no-brainers".

(You already know we won 22 of our last 23 bets!)

When you join Football Betting Tipsters today you'll quickly start making bets where your odds of winning crush those offered by the bookmaker.

You'll know exactly who to bet on (and why). You'll know how much to bet. You'll know you are safely doubling your money every 10 bets.

Can you picture it...

  • Wiping out all your debts once and for all
  • Buying all the 'big boys toys' you want... with CASH!
  • Laughing at your mates down the pub as you win again
  • Relaxing on a sunny Caribbean holiday
  • Taking time off work... even quitting for good!

My system has done this for countless others and it can do it for you too. I give you my personal promise on that or it's FREE.

Think about it: Pro gamblers have been using this system for years. I've used my insider knowledge to make the system even more foolproof. It's been tested and proven in the real world by hundreds of people just like you.

4 More Reasons To Give This A Try

'Extremely excellent information - it is by far the best news I have heard!!!'

David Clark, Adelaide, Australia

'Seller delivers as promised.'

Christopher Spann, New York, USA

'Well worth the ££, similar systems sell for £100's!!'

Mark Smith, Herts, UK

'All that it said it would be'

Ronald Simpson, London, UK

YOU CAN: So easy even a 5 year old could do it!

YOU CAN DO THIS: It requires no experience, no skills, and no football knowledge -- literally anyone can join and start winning your very first day.

YOU CAN EASILY PROFIT: Simply place the recommended bets and start making money -- the system has done all the work for you!

YOU CAN GET STARTED NOW: Nothing to read. Nothing to learn. Nothing to study. It's paint-by-numbers football betting.

And remember, you don't even have to use the system, I'll do all the hard work for you and simply hand you the teams to bet on!

Plus it's completely legal and the bookies can't do anything to stop you raking in the cash. In fact...

I GUARANTEE Football Betting Tipsters Is
The Fastest, Easiest, Safest Way For Anyone To
Start Profiting From Football Betting Today

There is absolutely no simpler way to get started betting profitably than by joining Football Betting Tipsters. There is nothing for you to do other than sign up, make our recommended bets, and pick up your winnings.

It really is that simple.

As soon as you sign up you will get instant access to the exclusive members area which includes:

Members-Only Area
All-Access Pass

The Exact Bets Each Week

You get specific bets with specific amounts to put on each. No guesswork or complicated formulas to figure out -- simply place the bets the system picks and you're done!

In-Depth Analysis

You get all the details of every game we pick as a selection -- discover why we picked it and why you should bet on it.

Private Football Betting Forum

You get access to the members-only forum -- Talk about the upcoming big games, share the highs and lows, and see what everyone has to say.

Unique Content

You get exclusive articles and reports from our proprietary football betting research -- stay up to date on the ins and outs of the game we love.

Football Betting Blog

You get all the latest football betting info, news and developments direct from my personal members-only blog.

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By now you may be starting to get excited about the profit potential of joining Football Betting Tipsters. You're ready to sign up and there's just one question left before you sign up...

"How Much Does It Cost?"

Frankly this is a question I've struggled with.

I asked some of my existing customers how much they would have paid, if they knew how much money they were going to make...

They said I'd be crazy to sell memberships for anything less than £1,000.

After all, the system has been proven by hundreds of happy customers. It's responsible for £100,000's in winnings. It has the potential to make anyone that uses it very wealthy.

I asked a business-savvy friend of mine how much I should charge...

He said I shouldn't even sell the system! Instead, he recommended I "license" the system to others for a BIG up-front fee, and take a percentage of their profits -- just like McDonalds do with their franchisee's.

So let me ask you a serious question...

How Much Is A Proven System
Like This Worth To You?

You've read a handful of our success stories -- people just like you raking in an extra £500... £1,000... even £2,500 or more in just weeks...

You've seen our 96% success rate -- winning 22 of the last 23 games...

You've heard how easy it is -- simply place your bets and collect the winnings.

Picture this... you sign up today and secure one of the limited Football Betting Tipsters memberships. You get our recommended bets sent directly to your inbox and place your first bets...

You're a winner! And it's not just a one off...
You win again and again.

Now imagine, just a few weeks from now... you login to your betting account -- another good weekend with some solid wins -- you almost can't believe it... you're up to £2,300!

Would you be happy investing, say £500, to make £2,300? Of course you would! I would... I'd make that investment over and over and wouldn't ever stop!

Would you be happy paying a small percentage of your profits to get access to winning picks like these? Of course! It's a no-brainer, right?

You've got to spend money to make money.

The good news is you don't have to invest £500. While we can both see membership at Football Betting Tipsters is worth much more than this, I also understand at that price membership is out of reach of most people.

And you won't have to give up any of your profits. While taking a percentage of your profits would be great for me, can you imagine how hard it would be to monitor? It's just not worth the headache. I make enough from my own betting anyway.

Here's the bottom line: If you are one of the first 1,000 people to sign up you can get started with Football Betting Tipsters for just $77.

If you're anything like I was, you're already spending more than that on other "systems" (that simply don't work), dodgy tips from your mates, and other losing bets.

Why not invest that same money you're already spending into a system that works?

And remember, I stand by my system so wholeheartedly I'm willing to remove any and all risk to you with my...

?You Profit or It's Free GUARANTEE!?

My 60-Day, 100% Money-Back

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up to Football Betting Tipsters right now and grab one of the limited memberships.

Take a full 60 days to run the system through it's paces... see for yourself just how accurate our picks are... see for yourself how much money you make... see for yourself how easy it is!

Only then decide if Football Betting Tipsters is right for you. If you're not satisfied for any reason I will personally rush your money right back to you, because if you're not happy then I'm not happy.

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Clearly You Now Have 2 Options...

You can brush this off. Ignore it. Pretend like you never even saw it. Go back to your regular life and always wonder... what if.

What if this does work?

What if this is real?

What if it is true?

But if you've read this far then I doubt that's you -- if you've read this far you want to at least give Football Betting Tipsters a try -- you have nothing to lose -- and join hundreds of people already profiting from my system.

If so, I invite you you join now.

WANTED: Novice Crew to 'Rob' Bookies Legally...
... With an Inside Job!

  • You Get: The exact bets to make every week.
  • You Get: Insider info, in-depth analysis and expert commentary.
  • You Get: Exclusive tips on when NOT to bet.
  • You Get: Private members-only football betting forum & blog.
  • You Get: A proven system handed to you on a silver platter!

And much, much more!

Are you ready to finally start profiting from the football?

Then go ahead, secure your spot immediately...

YES, Daniel! I Want To Join Football Betting Tipsters!

Please Give Me Instant Access To
The Membership Site Right Away!

I understand membership is limited and this offer could be pulled at any time. I'd kick myself if I missed out on this opportunity. I'm already excited about joining the club and your risk-free offer made it a no-brainer decision.

Once my order is processed via Clickbank's secure servers, I understand:

  • I get instant access to the Football Betting Tipsters membership site, forum and private blog.
  • I get weekly picks sent direct to my inbox for as long as I remain a member.
  • I get secret links to get up to £600 in FREE bets from all the major bookies.

And much, MUCH more... all for just $77 a month!

And in a moment after I join I can begin placing my first winning bets right away!

Finally, thanks for the 100% money-back guarantee. That really took the pressure off my decision, and allows me to try it out for free, if I choose.

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More Feedback From Satisfied Customers

?Over a Grand Up!...?


gonna send you a bottle of the local malt when I get home still on the (oil) rig at the moment , Over a Grand Up , nice one canna wait to the season starts now , It wouldnt take much to make a real living out of your advice.

Ian Horne, Wick, Scotland, UK

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?Don't Follow Any Other Tipping Service!...?

I've got a comment/suggestion; don't follow any other tipping service! I have lost a FORTUNE during last world cup following a selection of half-baked, spread bet charlatans, and by not following your selections... I cannot wait until the new season to get back to basics and get my betting bank back to where it was and then into profit... Roll on the Compiler and Win, Win, Win selections on the website!


Michael Dougall, Glasgow, UK

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?The Compilersystem is Excellent, Probably The Best Purchase I have Made This Year... I Have Won In Excess Of £1000 in 5 Weeks!...?

Dear Daniel,

I thought i would send you an email regarding your betting systems, Firstly i have purchased tow from you one via ebay the only via email from yourself.

The two i have bought are the tax free living from betting and compiler systems, the dogs one i have used a few times on a friday, i only work half days on friday, the first day i won over £30 and the second week over £40, agood return i think.

The compiler system is excellent, probably the purchase i have made this year.

several weeks ago you started using the no draw free bet system, i wrote to you as i wasnt sure of this system,it was one i had overlooked, i had been using win,win,win ,compiler and the even money system, all very good (niceprofits) until i started using the no draw free bet system, i have been using this for 5 weeks now (fron 4 feb, i stated will £200 in the bank for this system (which i had already won from using other systems of yours), over the past 5 weeks i had had a few losses 0 - 0, i lost a few because i didn`t reback them DOH !!! I have bet on quite a few games in this time.

But I have won in excesss of £1000 in that 5 weeks.

So thank you very much this will go towards a holiday this year, I have attached the details in excel (although i didnt keep all the info for 1st week sorry). if you wish to use them on your site you are quite welcome.

Jonathan Jenkinson, Greater Manchester, UK

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?Jonathan Has Now Made Another £2500 Tax Free!...?

Hi Dan,

Keep up the good work, by the way do you remeber me writting to you stating I had had over £1000 in a moth using your system?... Well thats over £3500, nice and steady progress, thanks mate!'

Joanthan Jenkinson, Hull, UK

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?This This Jaw Dropping Stuff!... It's a Real Delight to Actually Subscibe to Something That Genuinely Delivers Profit!...?

Hi Daniel,

This is jaw dropping stuff!

Just a quick note to say how very impressed I am with your service. It's a real delight to actually subscribe to something that genuinely delivers profit.

Sid Sitham, Reading, UK

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?A Return of 29 Matches Out of 30! ...£999 Of The Bookies Money Plus £325 on an Accumilator!...?

Hi Daniel,

I want to tell you how I am getting on with the football betting system i bought from you, I started off great as i told you before but I got carried away with the whole thing and made a few mistakes. I then spoke to my 2 brothers and we started to use the system properly and since the 17th of march we have had a return of 29 matches out of 30.

We invested £560 of our own money into one account and now we have £1559 in our account,that is £999 of bookies money, we also won £325 on an accumulator, this was just a bonus.

We are now following your system perfectly so hopefully if we can keep going like this we might be able to make this a fulltime job. Dream job if it works.

Thanks for your help.

David Durack, UK

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