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me.jpgHey Mate,

Daniel Soulsby here. And yes, I’m the one making those "outrageous promises" about Football Betting Tipsters That is what you're thinking, am I right?

"Another bloody tipster and his porkies!"

And honestly, I don’t blame you. There are a lot of scammers out there selling terrible systems and some really dreadful tipsters peddling their awful picks.

But, if I showed you other punters, people just like you, who are doing exactly what you want to do - Making A LOT of money betting on football...

Would you at least believe it is possible for you?

Take a look...

football tipster bullet point.jpgKevin McCarthy turned his £95 bank into £500!

football tipster bullet point.jpgSpyros Odysseos £100 grew to be £600!

football tipster bullet point.jpg Jaruj Zagreg’s £150 became £630!

football tipster bullet point.jpgCharlie Sword’s measly £50 swelled up to £2,500!!

football tipster bullet point.jpg Ken Amor converted £100 into a very nice £3,200!!!

football tipster bullet point.jpg And Joe Maguire’s hard-earned £1,000 exploded into an easy £5,000!!!!!

Here are the actual emails. Testimonials

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I have hundreds of them; notes from very happy members who are smiling all the way to the bank! (Their bookies don’t smile much though.)

Are these punters any different from you? No, they are not.

None of them are "professional" gamblers. Some are lifelong punters while others have turned a passion for football into a very profitable hobby.

None of them had any luck with blow-hard tipsters, high-priced systems or endless late-night hours analyzing charts, stats and odds.

None of them started with much of a bank. Charlie Sword's a favourite. In just a few months his £50 turned into £2,500, a new big screen TV for football and a smile from ear to ear.

And none of them spend more than a few minutes a week getting those results. They check their email, get their bets in, and that’s it... 10 to 15 minutes perhaps.

charlie sword.jpg

They spend more time selecting champagne :)

They are all people just like you and me.

The only thing they did was put their doubts aside... and became members of
Football Betting Tipsters.

After wasting perhaps thousands of pounds on systems, tipsters and losing bets – It's been worth every penny to them.

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Who The Heck Am I Anyway, And Why

Should You Believe Me?

For years I tried to "beat the bookies" but I was usually the one who got beat up. You probably know the feeling.

My mates would shake their heads and laugh, "Give it up – you're dreaming. You can’t beat the system!"

But we’ve all heard the stories of professional gamblers, winning week-after-week, month-after-month; a blonde on one arm and a Rolex watch on the other.

I knew someone was beating "the system."

I stayed after it, buying every outdated book, over-priced system and complicated piece of software related to football I could find... I bought it all. What a waste!

The tipsters got a hell of a lot of my pounds in those days too.

Let Me Tell You What I Discovered

Looking for an "insider's edge," I began working for one of the UK's largest bookmakers. I can’t say the name but you’d certainly know them and chances are they have some of your money too.

I discovered that most bookmakers have a little-known, special department...

...to investigate winners.

This quiet little group of people keeps very close tabs on professional punters – Those that win all the time and win big.

If there’s anything scammy or scummy in their betting, it's discovered and stopped. The problem is they can't stop the real winning professionals – they win consistently, enormously and legally. They can't be stopped from winning.

I also started studying these winners very closely but for different reasons. I searched for what they were doing, why it was working and most importantly, how I could copy their system and success.

And after weeks and months, there it was...

The Secret System Pro Gamblers Use To

Win Nearly Every Single Bet!

I examined it carefully for possible loopholes, weak links, pitfalls and legality.


After paper betting with great results, I put my money on-the-line in real bets.

It was almost frightening; unbelievable really.

Week after week, I kept winning and my account kept growing. As by bank grew, so did my bets.

And I kept winning and my bankroll grew even larger!

I was BLOWN AWAY watching...

... £10s turn into £20s...

... £20s becoming £50s...

... £50s growing into £100s and...

... £100s blow up into £1,000s!

After living paycheck-to-paycheck, hoping the car would start in the morning and scraping around for a few pounds for a pint down the pub, do you know what it’s like to suddenly have more money than you can spend?

Even after paying off all the bills and credit cards, taking an extended holiday in Hawaii, buying the BIGGEST flat screen TV, moving into a new flat and getting a car my mates drool over, I still had more money in my bank accounts than I know what to do with.

my life.jpg

here’s a shot of my accounts the other week -

football betting profit.jpg

£1232 in one account and more than £40K in the other!

And there’s even more in my betting accounts -

william hill betting profit.jpg

bet365 betting profit.jpg

You may have guessed that I no longer work for the bookmaker.

On a regular basis though, that firm and a few others add to my betting accounts with the proceeds from my winnings bets...

The Same Winning Bets You'll Get As A Member Ofcard1.jpg

Football Betting Tipsters

Our members enjoy…

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And when I’m talking about "winning picks," I mean WINNING PICKS!

Football Betting Tipsters members cash winning bets 70 – 80% of the time and sometimes even higher!  

Just look at these RECENT picks...

latest results.jpg

23 winners out of 33 bets! That’s £365.40 profit from just a small starting bankroll. Can you imagine what the numbers would be with larger bets?

You Don’t Have To Imagine It... You Can Do It!card1.jpg

Football Betting Tipsters 

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Not only do our members receive the BEST FOOTBALL PICKS ANYWHERE, you’ll learn exclusive and explosive betting systems that when combined with the winning bets will swell your bank balance to unbelievable heights!

Joe Maguire puts it best in his email -


"The bigger my bank the bigger my winnings, and the bigger my winnings the bigger my bank... I can’t lose!!!"

And you won’t either with Spingenie !

Check out some of the bonuses members enjoy…

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Making a living punting was a dream I had for years. It’s not a dream anymore... IT'S REALITY!

You Can Even Earn A Damn Good Wage While

You’re Asleep Or On Vacation!

me in croatia.jpg

Afternoons in Croatia are the best. This snap was taken in The Garden Bar, Zadar. And it’s a BLAST to come home from a holiday to find more pounds in your bank account than when you left!

It happens to me and it can happen to you!

Here’s The Deal... For Now!

Against everyone’s advice I’ve created the best deal possible for you to become a member today... and I really do mean "today." (My accountant thinks I’ve lost my mind and my girlfriend won’t speak to me.)

But... honestly, exclusive membership in Football Betting Tipsters isn’t just for everyone. It may not be for you. Many of my picks, much of what you’ll be exposed to as a member, runs completely against all the "advice" you’ve heard for as long as you’ve been a punter. For many, it’s just too different and too much to handle.

Yes, it’s simple to learn and easy to put into use. Yes, the results you see will be dramatic and immediate. But no, these are not picks like you've seen before.

Because of that, I feel like I must make this deal as easy to swallow as possible... or I’ll never get "normal" people like you to try it. (And believe me; this membership will change your life forever once you get a taste of it!)

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Once you receive your winning picks in your

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If you don't win exactly like I've promised...

then I INSIST you contact us for a complete,

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The E-books Are On Me!

Of course, I can’t very well take them back. But what that means is you've received our winning member picks and the E-Books for FREE, if that's what you decide. But please, take a few weeks, make paper bets if you want and go through the systems very carefully before you decide one way or the other. I want to make this as affordable, simple and convenient as possible for you... because it's worth it!

I am more confident than I've EVER been in my life that this will be the ONLY membership you’ll ever need.

If you don't see the immediate results I've talked about, you've wasted nothing but a little time. That's all. You only pay if you're absolutely convinced.

A Complete, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Kevin McCarthy, Spyros Odysseos, Jaruj Zagreg, Charlie Sword, Ken Amor, Joe Maguire and hundreds of others are people just like you...


  ...with a couple of exceptions.

They put their doubts aside and became happy members of

Football Betting Tipsters.

They are winning many, many more football bets than you.

And they have the money to prove it.

Let's be blunt:  If you pass on this offer, will you be making winning football bets this season? Probably not!

You'll still be wasting hard-earned money on no-way-in-hell longshots, terrible tipsters and ridiculous systems.

You might stay up all night deciphering charts, comparing odds and squinting at your monitor until your eyes are nearly bleeding.

You'll drag yourself out of bed to fight the traffic to get to a job you probably can’t stand that pays you not nearly enough to get by, let alone live comfortably.

You'll stop by the pub on your way home to gripe with your mates about being broke, your boss and your taxes.

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Football Betting Tipsters


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